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Multidisplinary Creative Entrepreneur

Music | Fashion | Wine | Coffee | Media

There are few Africans whose creative journey has been as wide-ranging, singular and successful as the one travelled by Liz Ogumbo.


Over the past decade, this formidably focused Kenyan has established herself as creative entrepreneur whose work in music, fashion, media, wine and coffee. Through all these, she shares an enviable commitment to excellence and to fostering relationships and projects that advance the African creative industries globally.

Her Foundation, 'Kamatana' has been established to convert the African creative industry into a thriving creative economy.


Liz is as much rooted in the continent she loves as the global community that is fast embracing her irresistible vision. Now firmly established as a leading Afropolitan with real vision, Liz is ready to take on the world with all aspects of her multidisplinary creative entrepreneurship.

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