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Multidisplinary Creative Entrepreneur

Music | Fashion | Wine | Media

Liz Ogumbo is a renowned Kenyan artist whose multifaceted career spans music, fashion, media, and entrepreneurship. Deeply rooted in her Luo heritage, Ogumbo's creative endeavors highlight marginalized histories and challenge dominant worldviews.

In music, Ogumbo's albums "KenSoul" and "KenSoul, The Lotus Chapter" blend traditional Luo sounds with contemporary influences, featuring lyrics in Luo, Swahili, English, and French. Her storytelling preserves and promotes the cultural heritage of her community, countering one-dimensional portrayals of African cultures.

Ogumbo's fashion label reflects her African roots through traditional fabrics and designs, empowering African women and promoting African identity and heritage. Her work challenges the marginalization of African fashion and encourages diversity in the global fashion industry.

As the producer and host of "Fashion Lab Africa," Ogumbo showcases African talent and creativity, providing a platform for African designers and creatives to share their work. This challenges the lack of representation in global media.

Through "Liz Ogumbo Wines," Ogumbo introduces African wines to a global market, challenging Eurocentric narratives in the wine industry and promoting African entrepreneurship and cultural exchange.

Ogumbo's work often addresses social issues such as gender equality and social justice, advocating for marginalized communities. She uses her platform to empower youth and women, highlighting their potential and talent.

Liz Ogumbo’s multifaceted career celebrates African heritage and promotes social change. Her contributions in music, fashion, media, and entrepreneurship not only preserve cultural heritage but also challenge dominant narratives, promoting greater representation and appreciation for African culture on the global stage.

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