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Enhance Your Red Wine Experience Through The Right Glass

I’m not clear about how we got from 2.2 ounces to 15.2 ounces, however according to a study published in the British Medical Journal, between 1700 and 2017, the size of the average wine glass increased nearly seven times, with the sharpest increase in size coming in the last few decades.

While wine vessels date as far back as ancient Egypt and Mesopotamiao, by 1500 BCE, people used vessels with a slightly curved, flat bottom and flared rim, almost like a cereal bowl, to drink wine

Today red wine glasses come in various shapes and sizes, typically with larger, rounder bowls compared to white wine glasses. This design allows the wine to aerate, enhancing its flavours and aromas. The wider bowl also allows for swirling, helping to release the wine's complex aromas and flavour.

The Wider Rim

The rim of a red wine glass often flares out slightly to direct the wine to the front of the palate, enhancing its taste. This design also allows for easier swirling and aeration of the wine, contributing to the overall drinking experience.

The wider bowl

The bowl of a red wine glass is usually larger and rounder compared to other types of glasses. This shape helps in swirling the wine, promoting aeration which can intensify the wine's aromas and flavours. The broader surface area also allows the wine to come in contact with more air, helping it to breathe and develop its taste profile.

The longer stem

The stem of a red wine glass serves multiple purposes. It allows you to hold the glass without affecting the wine's temperature, keeping it cooler longer by preventing the transfer of body heat from your hand. Additionally, it helps to showcase the wine's colour and clarity while avoiding fingerprints on the bowl.

The base

The base of the wine glass, also referred to as the foot is the part of the glass that part is required to keep the wine glass standing and stable.

While you get on your quest to find the right wine glass for your red wine, elevate your red wine experience in the right glass while discovering the science behind the shape and size of a red wine glass for the ultimate enjoyment.

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