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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

WELCOME TO LIZ OGUMBO; Music. Fashion. Media.

Uber-talented and multi-faceted, Liz Ogumbo is an artist and (repeat) an artiste… a fashion designer, recording and performing artist, radio host and radio and TV producer. Based in Johannesburg, where she runs a successful fashion studio and consultancy, Liz remains deeply connected to her Kenyan roots. She is passionate about style, music, food and wine, and her KenSoul – her Kenyan Soul – is expressed creatively through her music and her fashion.

Liz Ogumbo – the Music

Describing her music as ‘The KenSoul Experience’, Liz Ogumbo embraces her roots and culture through two albums that highlight her passionate belief in fostering relationships and projects that advance the African creative industry – KenSoul, her debut album released in 2010, and KenSoul, The Lotus Chapter, released in 2018. Named for her great-great-grandmother Elizabeth Loye, a talented singer and performer, Liz grew up in and around music and began singing at age four.

She credits her father for some of her musical talent, describing how, despite not being a musician, he had the kind of talent that could have seen him singing and dancing on the world stage. Her father’s influence is reflected in his teachings of Luo songs, giving Liz a foundation based on her roots, culture and heritage, while the Christian songs taught by her mother instilled the lifestyle and values Liz lives by.

With wide-ranging influences – from hip hop, to reggae, jazz, taraab, chakacha and blues – Liz realised very early on in her musical journey that it would be difficult to find a genre for her sound. But at the core is her Kenyan Soul, her KenSoul.

The KenSoul Experience captures Liz as she is today, her roots and culture, her contribution to music and fashion, and her passion for Africa. Traversing multiple influences and expressed in Luo, Swahili, English and French – Liz’s two albums reflect her genre-agnostic sound, her Kenyan soul and her life experiences.

Her humorous writing and skilled storytelling, combined with her smoky, sultry vocal abilities place Liz Ogumbo as one of Africa’s most notable artists, with KenSoul, The Lotus Chapter delivering a new set of songs that are as inventive as they are memorable. The 12-track album builds on the strong foundation laid by her acclaimed 2010 debut KenSoul – a record that signalled just how wide-ranging Ogumbo’s creative gifts are, and how genre-agnostic her sound is.

Liz Ogumbo – the Fashion

From her showroom boutique in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs, Liz runs a style consultancy and designs under her own label, creating intricate pieces that depict the modern, fashion-savvy woman. Her bold, elegant, timeless pieces embrace self-definition through sleek cuts and simple yet provocative designs, epitomising attitude that comes from the inside.

With a vision to be the African leader in bringing economically, socially and environmentally sustainable fashion to the world while empowering African communities.

Liz Ogumbo – the Media

Since the release of KenSoul, Ogumbo has performed on many different live platforms, including HIFA, Lake of Stars, Indian Ocean Music Festival, Afropicks Redbull Music Academy, Africa Leadership Network, Africa 2.0 awards, SANAA Festival, Design Indaba and the Turkel Fair.

She is Creative Director of #LSHW Lipstick Skirts Heels & Wine, fused with her brand new wine series “Liz Ogumbo Winesight” host of the Fashion Lab Africa show on CliffCentral and producer of Fashion Lab Radio & TV.

"I urge you to visit my website and enjoy my #LizOgumbo offering hoping you leave on high."

Yours fabulously,

Liz Ogumbo-Regisford

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