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Breadology @BarrioBread

Updated: May 20, 2020

Do not ask me what I was doing in Tuscon because besides getting a chance to visit my sister, Rachel, Ishmail and Amani, the brand new fabulous addition to the family, I was also eating bread at a way faster pace from the Barrio bread across the street, located in the Broadway Village shopping center, in Tuscon Arizona.

Was it me or was it the bread?

Barrio Bread is a true neighborhood bakery that showcases the art and science of Don Guerra’s passion for baking and his commitment to community. The bakery is dedicated to exceptional quality ARTisan bread, created with centuries-old baking techniques and locally grown heritage grains with loaves are known for a chewy interior and amazing crusts.

What’s even cooler is that Don is committed to working with local farmers, chefs, and other food producers to strengthen the local grain economy and grow the local food network. In 2015 he was awarded a USDA Local Food Promotion Grant that significantly helped him to increase collaboration with others and expand production with a new bakery.

In 2016 he was named one of the Top Ten Bakers in America by Dessert Professionals magazine. He also received the Leveraging Your Localness award from Bite Magazine, Good Food Finder USA and Local First Arizona.

So even though I got an opportunity to savour a variety of different loaves of bread @ Barrio Bread, my favourite bread has to be the Cinnamon raisin loaf and then the rest because either way they all go down nice and easy without sitting in my stomach.

Now that I have officially eaten enough bread for the month of October, when I come over to you, please put away the bread because I am breaded-out.

Happy Bread day!

Your fabulously,

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