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Ain't nothing wrong with a little fluff n' stuff; that fluff that brings me that feeling of warmth, comfort, sass and play into my world of fashion. Whether its the light-weight fluffy play through the faux fur jackets, or a strappy pair of heels with a little feathery pickaboo or maybe a gown filled with more of that fluff, just count me into your fluffy party.

While previous centuries saw men and women dressing in feathers, during the Regency feathers became more gender-coded, and by the Victorian Era, the trend had blossomed into a full-on craze, one that would leave a trail of carrion and carnage behind.

A few months ago, while minding my own business in Caiscais, Portugal with my girl, Francesca for a gala night, I decided to fluff-up the soireé in this fluffy peep-back gown. As I walked through the red carpet, some handsome 'Santiago' walked right towards me staring intensely wothout taking his eyes away from mine until he pulled his hands out of his pocket headed straight for my gown.

"How rude," I thought to myself as I tried to move away from him to the other side.

Yep, I know it and you probably know it too.

Do you remember the last time you were in the company of a friend or bumped into someone moving around with all that fluff and suddenly the irresistible urge hit you and all you wanted to do is touch and feel or give a warm tight squeeze? Fluffy things provide a sense of security and comfort as just as a study published in The Journal of Consumer Research suggests that people are more attentive to tactile stimuli.

This fluffy gown comfortable and screams out glam and sophistication affordably without leaving a trail of fluff behind while you take over the red carpet. For versatility, the gown is designed with a convertible slit that you can zip up and down depending on how much you want to reveal.

Recently, my favourite Nairobi-based fashion stylist, Letoya Johnstone gave this piece a different twist by taking fluffee to the beach. It's an interesting switch from the red-carpet to just another laid back holiday under the blue skies and clear blue sea.

Comfort, quality and style and play is all packed up in this piece. You can take her to the red carpet, or perhaps to your simple beach wedding. And if nothing else is really happening, you can give her the pleasure of throwing her on just because.

Everyday is an opportunity to make your mark…… Wear it!

Yours Fabulously,

Multidisplinary Creative Entrepreneur

Liz Ogumbo-Regisford

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