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Oh Hail The Trail!

Updated: May 8, 2023

It’s certainly not anywhere close to the world's Longest wedding dress train unveiled in Caudry, France 11 years ago with it’s 8,095.40 m (26,559.71 ft) train which is almost long enough to cover Mount Everest (8,848 m), but it is the longest trail out of my style offering so far.

During one of my music performances at the DSTV Delicious Festival a few months ago, I got to design this piece specifically to reduce my costume change time which was going to steal my show time on stage. So I came with this brilliant 'baby' which converts from an eclectic gown with a trail about 4 meters long into a mini dress that shuts the show down.

The gown has a safer peep-back compared to my bolder peep-backs while the bottom part of the gown is separable from the top part of the gown through an open-ended zipper.

While the abstract standing-collar brings in more structure and geometry around the neckline down to the collar bone, this piece of art is great for you fashion explorers who want to have fun in wearable art.

Special order your customized convertible gown in you preferred print or visit the Liz Ogumbo Shop for more rare gems.

Every day is an opportunity to make your mark. Wear it!

Yours Fabulously,

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