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Peep-Backs & Front Slits

Within the Chinese community centuries ago, the Cheongsam was born. A one-piece dress suit tightly wrapped around the body for a good fit. Then came the “Qipao,” still quiet similar to the cheongsam in several ways but extremely loose fitting and would cover the entire body of the woman to save her face, hands and feet. Today, the standard “Qipao” is slender in fitting high cut dress that is not at all like the original dress, the modern version became popular in China as the Zansae dress worn by the upper class women in top notch social gatherings, letting out more skin mostly through the back & legs.

Danica is wearing the “Liz Ogumbo” Signature front-slit peep-back gown inspired by the “Zansae” of China. You can definitely take this piece out to your soirée , the #Red carpet or even a swing by Le Wine Chambre for one last glass of Boschendal Black Angus 2014

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"Every day is an opportunity to make your mark; WEAR IT!"

Yours fabulously,

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