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On the pink side of life..

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Feeling shy about wearing pink or not sure how to wear your pinks?

Did you know that this dusty rose or dirty pink like some may refer to it symbolises love, affection, tranquillity, and timeless elegance. Like many pinks, dusty rose is often linked to femininity, yet with a more mature tone than a pastel or bubble-gum pink.

Serati Maseko | Liz Ogumbo Fashion Brand

Growing up as a child, pink was a colour that was forced on me with no choice and every time I rebelled, I was told, ‘you are a girl!’

And then I would sit in the corner and ask myself, “What did I miss?’ In a matter of time with all that pink bubble gum stuffed in my pocket, I hated pink.

As the years passed by when I finally got to the age where I could actually afford my own wardrobe, I got my opportunity to delete all 50 shades of pink completely away from everything to do with me. It was no pink on me my all means necessary.

This was my sigh of relief; another chance to explore all the colours, I never quite got to interact with as much as I would have like to.

As I explored fashion in my later life personally as well as from a commercial viable angle for my fashion business (fashion brand, Liz Ogumbo), I started to allow pink back into my life in a way that worked for me and for other fashion consumers who had been afraid to interact with this shade. It was one dusty pink after another before I got fully - pinky- blown.

The colour pink was recognised as a concept in 800 B.C in Homer’s Odyssey coined in the 17th century by a Greek botanist for the ruffled edges of carnations. In the mid-18th century, pink was a fashionable colour among male and female aristocrats as a symbol of class and luxury.

This connotation extended to baby girls in the 1980s when ultrasound technology was first used to determine sex and parents could shop by gender. Since the 1990s, pink has become more a bit more gender-neutral in Western culture.

On another pink note, certain shades of pink reduce aggression, which is why this colour was used in prison cells during the 80s to limit aggression. Inmates, prison wardens painted holding cells in prisons and jails in pink. Somehow this led to less physical and verbal abuse among inmates.

Danica Bezuidenhout | Liz Ogumbo Fashion Brand

Here’s to my adventure as I flirt with pink through my fashion creation and production journey with a little of something you might appreciate within my style offering.

Sheila Afari | Liz Ogumbo Fashion Brand

From left to right with a bit of sparkle, here's our Liz Ogumbo hand-beaded bodysuit with cape to a simple chiffon tie-neck blouse worn with an abstract front-slit sequin skirt moving into our peep-back gown, front-slit sequin gown all through to a simple abstract-neck blouse worn with our front-slit sequin skirt.

Liz Ogumbo Lotus Collection | Lisbon, Portugal

So, whether you feel like stepping out into your 40th birthday night, or your daughter’s graduation or even your cousins beach wedding, don’t feel any kind of shy to pull out your dusty pink or bubble-gum pink gown and take over the space in your style-kind of-way.

After all, it’s not just about what you dragged out of your wardrobe, it’s also about how you step into it and step out in it.

Enjoy 10% off all your liz Ogumbo Fashion pink purchases. Offer valid till 30th Sep 2022.

Yours fabulously,

Multidisplinary Creative Entrepreneur

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