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Updated: Jan 6, 2022

In the late medieval and early post-medieval centuries, the Gold coins with variations of sikka and zechino were used in Europe and the Middle East for centuries and zecchino, a gold coin that was issued in the Republic of Venice also issued in Ottoman Turkey, and were known as spangles in England.

Stitching the coins to the bodices and head dresses of traditional costumes of the Mediterranean and Middle East region was and still is, to some extent, common practice as a way of displaying and storing wealth especially for gypsies and other nomadic people who literally carried their possessions with them at all times.

The coins and shiny objects are also strategically placed and worn in many cultures to distract and deflect evil spirits. The reflective shine from the metal not only reminded onlookers of the wealth and power of the patrons, but also evoked the light of the divine.

By the early 19th century the name sequin was falling out of use in its original sense and since sequin coins were no longer being issued, the name was taken up in France to designate what it means today.

Taz Falconer is wearing the Liz Ogumbo sequin ensemble; a high-waist sequin pants, with a bralette that boasts a touch of leopard print and sequin to compliment the high-waist pants and bring in that flare. What’s cool about these pants is the comfort created through the quality of the sequin that allows her to stretch this look from back flips to night and still look chic.

It’s easy, it’s effortless and it’s all that glam.

For any special orders for this high-waist sequin pants and bralette set, email us at or whatsapp on +27 769430396 and don’t miss the sparkle this season.

Yours fabulously,

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