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"Whatchyu Know About Her?"

Liz Ogumbo, Brand New Single

From the New Album; KenSoul ,The Lotus Chapter

In response to too many controversies around womanhood, what it means to be a Woman, the girl power slogan and it’s influence in pop culture today, there is no better time to unpack this conversation.

My Brand New single, ‘Whatchyu know about her?’ is my extension of the conversation around redefining the woman through how she is defined by society and how she chooses to redefine herself today.

While The Collins English Dictionary defines the word “woman” as “an adult female human being.” The Bible’s book of Proverbs 31 extends the woman’s definition to a whole new level describing her as a virtuous woman who is hard to find.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.”

Proverbs 31 is so far one of my favourite sources of reference to revive this kind of woman.

According to author of ‘The second sex,’ Simone De Beauvoir, “women are disappearing; they aren't what they used to be; women have lost their way.

“Sex is identified with biology and gender with cultural norms, like the elusive feminine ideal. This sex/gender distinction will become the basis for most second wave feminist analyses and is key to understanding the modern feminist movement.”

It’s no lie that there is great controversy surrounding women in society more than ever and what it means to be a girl today with media sometimes presenting a narrower definition of girl/woman.

Amy McClure of North Carolina State University warns against placing too much hope on girl power as an empowering concept. She says, “An ideology based on consumerism can never be a revolutionary social movement.

As a woman for woman, I enjoy everything about empowering the woman or the girl child. It’s great to flow on Girl Power , however it is also important that when we flow on powerful slogans like this one, we move forward with pride and not backward.

Last year I was deeply embarassed when Amber Rose broke the Internet with her challenge while millions of girls from every part of the globe joined in. You would think women are now living in Jupiter, sipping on some mohito with nothing to worry about. Well, I am sorry to be the bearer of this bad news but nothing about that challenge amongst changed anything expect perceptions of society around who this woman is becoming.

So many women are moving and shaking in this world on a daily basis without sharing their bush. Why not keep yours locked and let's try this again.

You can cross your eyes and look at me funny if you don't like my closed thinking about the issues we need to deal with, but you might wanna revoke global access to your bushes and keep them to yourselves and your department.

As a woman or girl living in a free world with a voice, you’ve got to be careful, conscious and take responsibility because everything you do has a consequence.

Are you able to influence the world consciously?

“You will never be able to influence the world by trying to be like it.”

Girl power is a slogan that encourages and celebrates women’s empowerment independence, and confidence, according to wikipedia while a 2001 update to the Oxford English Dictionary defined girl power as, "Power exercised girls; spec. a self-reliant attitude among girls and young women manifested in ambition, assertiveness, and individualism."

It’s great to have that freedom, however every time I hear a woman refer to herself as b*tch this and b*tch that, I cringe because it is offensive and degrading. Why would anyone want to drag that title along?

Society responds to you just they way you choose to introduce yourself. If you call yourself a b*tch, you will be treated like one. The way you walk, they way you talk, they way you are is exactly the way you are received. What you give is what you get.

I concur with Founder of Black Dahlia Press, Jas Deol on why women need to stop calling themselves b*tches.

Because I believe music speaks louder than talk, my new single is strictly about re-introducing the “Woman” to this fast-evolving, pop-culture-driven society where blue is voted green and sometimes yellow even when it is in fact blue.

One evening as I was running around doing everything I had to do, I literally felt like I was drowning. About about 7 hours through my really hectic day, I felt soooo exhausted and discouraged.

"What do I get after putting in so much passion, time, soul and hard work into every single thing, yet many days can give me nothing back. not even a hug?" I thought to myself.

I was angry because I felt like despite how much I put into everything, I was not getting back the value I deserved.

So I hit the studio, put my feelings down on paper and made music that would lift me up and remind me of how amazing I am; and ‘Whatchyu know about Her’ came alive.

There is power in the tongue; speak life to every situation and watch it manifest into whatever you speak into it. This song became my hug and my reaffirmation that nothing is wrong with me even when I fall down sometimes. I think women generally carry a lot of weight that ends up weighing even the heroines all the way back down when they are actually one step from their throne.

On this song, I describe the woman as the type of woman I desire to become and the woman you can become or you already have become. She is beautiful, whole and complete; lacking nothing. She is full of love, larger than life, hard working, consistent, graceful, kind and all that as you will hear in the music.

Let's live up to that!

Enjoy my brand new single on

....and share your thoughts.

Yours fabulously,

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